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Dementia, Insulin Resistance

Advice, tips and help to acheiving a healthy brain at any age.

The ApoE Gene


I have been fascinated recently with the intersecting stories of genetics, lifestyle choices, and dementia, and thought I’d share with you some of the information specific  to genetics!   Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in the process of evo …

Do You Have Insulin Resistance?

Recently, I have been concerned with the way we physicians make a diagnosis of insulin resistance (IR). Why? Because often we’re late. We wait to make the diagnosis until it’s “definite”, but by then it’s usually advanced and more difficult to reverse. …

Insulin Resistance and the ApoE4 Gene

Just by looking, you wouldn’t guess that Julie was pre-diabetic. Tall and slim, consistently athletic, she looked like the picture of health for a woman in her 40’s. She, however, knew that wasn’t the case. She ran into people in the store who seemed t …