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Brain Food & Eating Plan, Fitness, Sleep & Lifestyle, Insulin Resistance

Advice, tips and help to acheiving a healthy brain at any age.

Type 2 Diabetes and the Brain

Did you know that researchers find an utterly clear and repeatedly confirmed connection between eating too much sugar (it’s less than one might think!), keeping too much of it in our blood (happens naturally as we age), and then cluttering up our brain …

You and Your ApoE4 Gene

How is my brain? If you’ve heard me speak about genetics, you know I recommend that my patients obtain their raw genetic data from 23andMe.com, choosing either the Ancestry package ($99) or the Health and Ancestry package ($199). Both options analyze a …

The ApoE Gene


I have been fascinated recently with the intersecting stories of genetics, lifestyle choices, and dementia, and thought I’d share with you some of the information specific  to genetics!   Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in the process of evo …

Three Times Thirty: Aging with Grace and Protein

Do You Have Insulin Resistance? I have written before about sarcopenia which I see as an increasing problem among folks as we age, seriously impacting quality of life when it becomes advanced. We naturally lose muscle bulk (and effectiveness) as we age …

Do You Have Insulin Resistance?

Recently, I have been concerned with the way we physicians make a diagnosis of insulin resistance (IR). Why? Because often we’re late. We wait to make the diagnosis until it’s “definite”, but by then it’s usually advanced and more difficult to reverse. …

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